Pesche Sciroppate

Pesche Sciroppate formed in 1995. They made their first record in 2001, "L'Universo", an autobioghraphic brief rock opera, in which they talk about the relations between destiny, life and choices. They are musicians but also engineers, doctors, lawyer, but music is in their bones, so they made a second record "Respirando" , out in 2007. They performed at 2000 New Year's Day Square Concert in Bari just few minutes after midnight, so they throw themselves in the new millenium singing their songs in front of an audience of 10.000 people... They are on you tube with 15 songs; they make rehearsals in the new "Peach" studio owned by Samuele Caputo. They performed live 7 songs during the programme "Basette Showcase" on "Radio Bari Citta' Futura" on 12th November, 2010 and a setlist of 17 songs on 3rd May, 2011 at Bohemien Jazz Cafe'. In 2014 they recorded three new songs, performed live at 'Essere Perfetto Contest' and now they are working on some new songs.

They are: Dario Bosco, Samuele Caputo, Giuseppe De Stefano, Lorenzo Freccia D'Urso, Gianni Valenti. In the picture below there is also a ghost member, Antonio Pignataro.