- 1995:
Master Degree in
(Bari Polytechnic)
g.t.: "Artificial Solutions in Transport Routes. An Expert System for an Unknown Urban Spaces Navigation".
supervisor: prof. Dino Borri
- 1998:
Master Degree in
("La Sapienza" Univ., Rome)
g.t.: "Urban Planning and Industrial Renovation using Expert Systems Methods in the Vulture and Melfese Area"
supervisor: prof. Mariano Mari
- 1999-2005:
Assistant Lecturer
(Bari Polytechnic)
Design Theories and Methods


In-Depth Studies

Borri, D., Bosco D., F. Civitella, et al. , Problemi Cognitivi per Reti Sotterranee di Trasporto (Cognitive Problems related to the Underground Mobility Network), in Barbanente, A., L. Capurso, A. Gagliardi, N. Martinelli, and B. Radicchio (Eds.), Proceedings of the Seminar on Environmental Sustainability: Urban and Regional Approaches, Otranto, May, Bari, Supertecnica
Bosco D. , L'Informazione e la Pianificazione Urbana (Information and Urban Planning), in "Creativita' tra Arte e Scienza. Creativita' e Territorio" - La Stadera - Pensa Multimedia
Dario Bosco is also keen about Twentieth Century Architecture and in particular about Modern Architecture (1904-1937).
In recent years, he has studied, visited, photographed and put on a critical path the following buildings: go to page