Diego Bosco - Competitions

"Walk This Line", an idea for the mobility system in the inner city of Bari (2006)

with Architinerari

New Apulia District Council Building(2003)

with Tommaso Nasti a/o

Europan 6
(Groningen - Nl)
Residential Area

Renovation of the Porta Palazzo Market in Turin (8th ranked) (2000)

with F. Capodiferro, C. Lovero, S. Aldini a/o

Re-development of the Stadio della Vittoria Area in Bari (3rd prize) (1998)

with Giacomo Pepe a/o

Concert Hall in Sarajevo (1998)

with Francesco Martellotta

New Local Authority Building in the Gasometer Area in Bari(1998)

with Marcello Mininni a/o

Public Housing in Polignano (Bari) (1997)

Re-development of Piazzale Valdo Fusi in Turin (1997)